Would you like to design your own bespoke perfume just like a celebrity?

With the Scenterprises' Custom Perfume Making Kit you can design your very own fragrance in the comfort of your home. Complete with full instructions and all the necessary equipment you will need to become a Perfumer yourself, The Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit includes 12 unique perfume blends created by Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips. The 12 Perfume Blends are divided into 4 fragrance families:  
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  Once you have the kit you can mix and match the Fragrance Blends in any combination to suit YOUR ideal fragrance - and of course you can also create fragrances for your family and friends as well! If you'd like to understand more about what kind of fragrances you like and which family of scents you instinctively prefer, then you can take our Scent Personality Quiz, which is fun and instructive ! [caption id="attachment_4558" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] The Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit[/caption] Only $243 including delivery, the Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit is great value - if you were to buy the Perfume Blends individually, they would cost $540 (each 10ml blend normally retails for $45 each). Go ahead and treat your self or a loved one to the latest trend in the perfumery market and unleash the creative perfumer inside you! If you would like any further information, then please contact Sue at: