Zoom Scent Sessions!



Motivational Scent Session by video –

· We plan the event date;

· Scenterprises® presents a fun, interactive, motivational and educational video Scent Session.

· People sign up and I lead the session.

· They take our Scent Quiz (which they receive when they sign up –we  need to coordinate how they receive the quiz when they sign up.)

· At the video session: I give an overview of fragrance, we explore different families, we go through the Scent Quiz, and analyze the results.

· We can optimize this by offering a small ‘Scent Kit’ consisting of our 4 main fragrance families (Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, Spicy) which could be sent out prior to the Scent Session so people can evaluate the scents as we go through the Session, OR they purchase it afterwards.

· After the video Session If they want their own Custom Fragrance, we can have a breakout session and discuss their needs; create it and send it to them for an additional fee.

· If it’s only  the ‘Scent Session’ and discussion we would offer this as an introductory session

The objective and results?  People get to learn about the power of our Sense of Smell. In this new crisis many people have suffered loss of taste and smell.

We discuss the power of developing a Scent Persona, your own Personal Brand, and in this day and age of Zooming, how you look is also a factor in the new reality.

May 25, 2020

Sue, Thank you for sharing your expertise with us yesterday. I am grateful to you for your time. You truly have a gift. I look forward to meeting you again soon!

Ursula K

May 24, 2020

Dear Sue,
Your presentation on Saturday was brilliant.  Thank you for generously sharing your creativity.  You are escential!!!  Looking forward to future meetings and collaboration.
Smiles and Peace

Georgia A

May 23, 2020

Good to meet everyone! Thank you Sue for that fun, informative y’all about fragrance. Can’t wait to one day meet up and smell all those wonderful scents. It’d be interesting to compare essential oils with your high-quality perfume fragrances. Sorry to miss next week, maybe I can share what I learn a bit from IAMM conference in 2 weeks!

Liz T

May 24, 2020

Hi Sue.
It was a pleasure meeting you, & all the other exceptional ladies yesterday that dear Alice has brought together.
I also enjoyed what you shared about your life & how you’ve made the most out of the opportunities that came your way, even when you doubted them at first. It seems to me that you have several books in you. I think you said you’ve written some, but I’m not sure whether they’re specifically about your life - I hope at least one of them is.
I have a confession to make, when we all took the quiz I was skeptical as to how accurate the results might be. So when it unequivocally pinpointed my favorite scent I immediately began tucking into my invisible humble pie. The quiz is very clever, it’s a fun endeavor that’s also quite specific. It relaxes you into not thinking too much, allowing one to make instinctual choices, I like that.
Thank you for your very interesting presentation & graceful presence.
Look forward to seeing/hearing you next week.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Marsha B.

May 25, 2020

Thank you for the summary of Sue’s fabulous presentation. It has been great getting to know everyone. We are all very aligned in our purpose and mission to support, empower and help others.
Have a great week everyone.

Jaye  S

May 25, 2020

Once again, thank you, Sue, for that amazing presentation. For those of you that weren't there, Sue had us choose our preferences from a selection of images such as different types of houses, countrysides, actors and paintings to define what attracts us, personally. The A's in each series represent Woodsy sensations, the B's Freshness, the C's Floral and the D's Spicy. After answering the 12 questions, we add up the quantity of A's, B's, C's and D's to make our own personal scent. Mine were; 2 A's, 4 B's, 3 C's and 3 D's. A gorgeous mixture of fresh, woodsy, floral and spicy; another step towards self-discovery. I'm sure Sue would be delighted to help you make you your own

Alice D

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