Sahil Shah was diagnosed with COVID-19 in early November, and a remarkable treatment may have resolved one of the COVID long hauler's worst symptoms.

"I lost my taste and smell around Nov. 5," said Shah, who turns 14 this month.

He's what many consider a "COVID long hauler," defined by scientists as an individual who has experienced symptoms of the virus for more than six weeks.

"We met with neurosurgeons, doctors. We did everything from cupping to acupuncture, MRI’s. We did everything any parent would do," said Pratik Shah, Sahil's dad.

After six months, Sahil's parents became extremely concerned their son's loss of taste and smell might never come back.

"What’s his life going to be when two of his five senses are not there? We were looking at it that way," said Shah.

But they never gave up hope. Self-proclaimed, "over-Googlers," Sahil's parents got to work researching. His mom came across an article about a perfume designer in New York helping COVID patients regain their sense of smell.

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