We are thrilled to be collaborating on an event with LK Bennett and Alzheimer’s because I am passionate about fragrances and have spent my adult life creating fragrances for individuals and companies. One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with the Alzheimer's Foundation is to raise awareness about the disease of Alzheimer's through fragrance. Why? It is a common research fact that fragrance triggers memories and emotions – and people start to have memory loss, fragrance stimulates our brain and brings back pleasant memories. My late mom Grace Phillips was a victim of dementia and it was tragic that towards the end of her life, after having been a brilliant and renowned artist, she was not even able to hold a paintbrush!   It is with this in mind that I want to raise awareness about Alzheimer's, yet also have a fun, interactive, custom fragrance event at the beautiful LK Bennett Fashion Boutique on Madison Avenue, so that people are made aware of the power of fragrance and memory. So while everyone sips, sniffs and shops, we will be donating a percentage of all sales to the Alzheimer's Foundation. So please join us on July 20, and while you have a great time, your support and purchases will be generating a great deal of good! All the information is in the invitation below. For more information contact: