Jakarta -According to a study from the American Academy of Neurology, as many as 51% of people have lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19 and haven't returned after five months. This fact made perfumer Sue Phillips initiate a fragrance therapy for those who can no longer feel the scent because of the Corona virus.

The woman who has worked in the perfume industry for 12 years held a therapy session called the 'fragrance journey' which was valued at US $ 650 or around Rp. 9.4 million. Sue Phillips has now returned the smells of more than 20 people through her therapy sessions.

"A lot of people say that their life is not worth living. The smell is a big part of the joys of life," he added.

Fragrance therapy sessions can even be done online, by sending scent strips beforehand. Sue can also send you a special fragrance as part of the therapy.

The woman who once made perfume for the Burberry brand mixed various scents to stimulate the sense of smell. He mixes scents such as lavender, musk, amber, and vanilla which are divided into top notes, mid notes, and base notes. The client then smells the individual scented strips to help awaken the dormant senses.

"Part of me is missing, and I'm excited that something that's been inactive for more than a year is reviving. Now my sense of smell is blowing again," said Tammy Farrell, one of Sue Phillips' clients.

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