Scentertainment™ for Your Event.

Looking for a creative, interactive, fun and educational experience to share with your guests? Then look no further. Scenterprises' Perfume Bar is available to hire for groups of 10 or more people.

 perfume bar Sue Phillips, internationally renowned Fragrance Expert has created Scenterprises' Perfume Bar based on her New York down-town perfumery The Scentarium™. Sue 1When you book Scenterprises' Perfume Bar for your own party/event, Sue will arrive with all the necessary equipment for you and your guests to have a Scentsational™ experience, learn all about the Art of Perfumery and during your fragrance journey actually create your very own custom scent - which will be bottled and ready for you to use when you leave. Scenterprises' Perfume Bar experience consists of:
  • Scenterprises' Scent Personality Test - which each of you will take to determine which Fragrance  Families you instinctively prefer.
  • Fragrance Families -you will evaluate our various Perfume Blends in each of your preferred Fragrance Families.
  • Perfume Blends - you will then select your 3-4 preferred Perfume Blends.
  • Making your own custom scent - you will blend your favorite Perfume Blends into your own, individual, custom scent which will be bottled so you can take it home and use straight away.
  • You will receive a Registration Certificate with your "formula" so you can re-order your own personalized  scent.

"Your perfume should be as unique as you".

 - Sue Phillips

Custom perfumes for women

custom perfumes for men

So if you would like Scenterprises' Perfume Bar at your next event/party so your guests can create their very own signature scent, then call now to book: 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134 or reserve on line.

Prices depend on the size of your group, but are available on request. This includes all materials as well as a bespoke perfume for every guest. Call : 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134 or email us to find out more details.

 Make your next Special Event a Unique Event. custom perfumes for men

Suitable for all events including Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Sponsor Days, Team-building days, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries........etc

If you've experienced Scenterprises' Perfume Bar event and would like to design more of your own perfumes, then why not try Scenterprises' Deluxe Custom Perfume Kit.

perfume kit box