FRAGRANCE FAMILY: How to create a Signature Scent? Which Fragrance Family resonates with you?

What is your Scent Personality?  Many people do not know what Olfactive fragrance types they like e.g Florals, Musks, Woodsy?  So, take our Scent Quiz and discover whether you like Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, Oriental families. At Scenterprises,  We analyze your results and literally discover your OLFACTIVE PROFILE and create a custom fragrance specially for you. The results are really accurate (and this is ideal for men too – create a custom cologne for the love of your life).

RESEARCH: Do your own research.  What makes you happy? What scents do you love?  Fresh, lively fragrances? Luscious Fruity notes?  Sensuous Florals? Mellow Musky, outdoor Woodsy, Deep sensual Patchouli?   Don’t settle with what is currently popular or new launches. I am sure you have tried or have scents that make you feel a certain emotion.  Research is a good idea therefore take yourself on a Fragrance Discovery expedition. If you think you don’t like Rose because it reminds you of your grandmother, there are many superb ‘Rose’ fragrances – when you are out and about try them and discover the ones you love.

ASK Questions: If you meet someone whose fragrance you really like, or conversely, DON’T LIKE, ASK:  “What is that fragrance you’re wearing?”. They will usually be pleased to tell you. Then jot it down and google it. You will be able to discover what fragrance family it is, and then you will understand which ingredients resonate with you.

GOOGLE it! If you can’t go to a store yet you want to find out what certain fragrances smell like, you will be able to learn which commercial fragrances belong to certain families.

REFLECTS YOU. We all have our own DNA and are all individuals. So, why wear a fragrance that everyone else wears? If you LOVE Spicy/Oriental fragrances and other people say that they are ‘TOO HEAVY’, dismiss the naysayers. And, if you love the deeper, more masculine scents, select those and wear them. If it RELATES to your personality, then it will REFLECT who you are.

We are living in a ‘selfie’ world where everyone wants to reflect their individuality. Discovering the Scent Personality that reflects who you are is really important. You don’t have to wear the ‘flavor of the month’. Be Authentic and find the scent that you love

NOTES – Remember that perfumes smell different on different skin types and what is wonderful on your friend might not suit you. Fragrances are constructed with a ‘beginning, middle and end’. We call them NOTES or accords and they develop over time. So, when it comes to selecting a scent, choose fragrances families that you love. You may love the way the fragrance smells in the beginning but as it ‘dries down’ you may not like it, or conversely, you may not love the ‘top notes’ but love the way it dries down. It is important that you find a fragrance that you love from the beginning to end. Discover the NOTES that you love.

CONFIDENCE Wearing a signature scent will generate CONFIDENCE and POSITIVITY. There is nothing better than when someone asks you “what are you wearing”? and you say ‘Its Mine”!

EXPRESS & EXPERIENCE! Finding and creating a Signature Scent is the BEST way to EXPRESS yourself. Take courses, go online, take scent quizzes, and take a fragrance workshop. You will learn so much and have a wonderful educational ‘EXPERIENCE’. Our Sense of Smell is our most POWERFUL senses (after Sight) and is the one sense that connects Memory & Emotion. There is nothing more uplifting than creating and finding your own PERSONAL scent that express your individuality and personality.