Wedding Receptions


Our Perfume Bar at your wedding is a lovely addition, where the  guest can create their own custom Scent.  Every time they wear their fragrance, they will be reminded of your special occasion.  Or the Bride and Groom can personally curate a fragrance for each guest based on the Signature Scent of the Bride and Groom for their Guests, 

Create a special unique Wedding Favor based on the Bridal Couples’ favorite ingredients. Fresh & Floral for her? Woodsy & Spicy for him? Wedding favors are a wonderful gift for your gifts to remember and celebrate your special day.

If you’re a Wedding Planner, then adding the Gift of Scent to the Special Day is a must. Clients can design a scent at their actual Wedding – or they can design a scent before the event and give each of their guests a bespoke perfume reflecting their unique partnership.

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The Perfume Bar

Scentertainment™ for Your Event

Available to hire for groups of 20, 50, 100 and more, We bring our “Perfume Bar” to your location. Ideal for Corporate and Team-building events for large groups.


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