Team Building


Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success! DOWNLOAD OUR CORPORATE BROCHURE

Our Corporate and party packages are unique and memorable and can be tailored to your specific requirements from corporate gifting to client entertainment. We can personalize perfume bottles with your company or individual branding, which are ideal for staff or corporate gifting or to include in event goody bags.

· Bring your team together - while apart! Our specially curated virtual Team building events are the perfect solution to boost morale, create camaraderie, and lift your spirits from home. Experience kits are available upon request!

· Looking for an innovative, unique event to motivate, build trust and help colleagues engage with each other effectively?

· We help organizations create change towards a more motivated and productive workforce leading to positive results by helping them discover and appreciate their individuality through fragrance.

· We help reduce the stress of feeling isolated through fun teambuilding initiatives that foster team chemistry, confidence, communication, and creativity.

· Creating your own custom fragrance adds a unique and special memento to any work party or corporate event.

· Our range of perfume making experiences can easily be customized to meet specific party requirements and are perfect for Christmas celebrations as well as team building exercises for work related events, which your employees, management  or guests will love.


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