Ambient Scenting


What started out as a need to neutralize and diminish smoke odors in the Las Vegas Casinos over twenty five years ago, has become a way for the Hospitality industry to utilize scent by offering a pleasant aroma and a positive environment for their guests, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, and at the same time ‘scent-branding’ their properties.  Also known as “olfactory marketing”, fragrance marketing and ambient scent marketing, the focus of this strategy is to attract, delight and expand the consumer experience far beyond that which logically meets the eye.

Specifically, this entails creating a pleasant, sensory experience that has a lasting impression, which in turn helps to develop brand recognition and loyalty. The ambient scenting process consists of diffusing a signature fragrance throughout a commercial space that will appeal to a specifically designated target market, invoke loyalty, and inviting and ensuring  return visits.  Studies have shown that consumers will linger far longer in spaces that emit pleasant aromas resulting in increased sales.

Today, many retailers, hotels, spas, and boutiques use ambient scenting as Las Vegas casinos use their Signature scents (such as jasmine in the MGM Grand and "Seduction," a signature scent, in the Venetian). Scents are very effective in neutralizing and masking the smell of cigar and cigarette smoke at many of the Las Vegas Resorts and Hotels.

If implemented correctly, the benefits of scent marketing can help a company distinguish itself among competitors.  This can be completed by tapping into deep emotions and feelings of a customer and make a difference in how a customer experiences a particular brand.  It can help make an experience more unique and pleasurable for a customer.  If customer satisfaction is the main goal of marketing, scent marketing is an added dimension to multi-sensory marketing.


Some of the areas where Ambient/Environmental Scenting is used by Scenterprises.

Attached:  Magazine article written by Sue Phillips about Environmental Scenting as Contributing Editor for Glow Magazine

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