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Design Your Own Perfume – Introductory Kit

Perfume Blends

Design Your Own Perfume Introductory Kit is perfect to get you started on the road to becoming a perfumer.

All you need to do is select a Perfume Blend from each of our four Fragrance Families listed below and these will be sent to you along with everything you need to start creating your very own bespoke scent.

You can review our range to give you an idea of what they smell like and which Fragrance Family they belong to. And once you have the Blends, you can use them on their own, mix two, three or all four together – it is up to you! Your Perfume will be as unique as you.

So – want to go on a creative fragrance journey?

Simply buy the kit below – deciding whether you would prefer a Gold or a Black satin sachet.

Your Kit will consist of:

Once you’ve used your kit – you can always re-buy the same Perfume Blends from our web site or buy other Perfume Blends to try something different if you enjoy being creative.

Choose Your Scent

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