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June 30, 2016

From Kanika C- G

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you for my bottle of Eden-Ambrosia. It’s divine. It is an exciting time for you!



5/18/2-16   From Lauren Cosenza – DivaLicious

Dear Sue, Thank you so much for everything. Loved the experience today and absolutely LOVE my bespoke fragrance (and Nico my husband LOVES it too!!).

Lauren Cosenza
Creator & Editor-in-Chief, DIVAlicious

Beauty/Style Content Creator and Brand Consultant

5/7/2016 Dear Sue,

Thank you ever so much for such a lovely experience, it was truly an amazIng surprise.

Last night already had a few compliments on my new designer perfume “Jade”.

Will most defiantly keep in touch moving forward.


Gregory Atkin

5/7/2016 Dearest Sue,

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet and speak with you. I am so delighted to have the opportunity to get to know more about your background, history and vision and think you are such an inspiring woman. I absolutely love my fragrance!  What I love about your perfumes is that they are so pure that you can sit and smell 20 of them with no sneezing, headaches or feeling overwhelmed. Your charisma and drive and understanding of fragrance is really very inspiring

Kindest regards

Brenda Della Casa –Editor in Chief PB Designs

Dear Sue, Thank you so much for today’s class! That was truly an amazing experience and wonderful learning opportunity! But most importantly, I have created something that is completely unique, and is available as the One and Only. You allowed me to express my creative side in experimenting with multitude of scents and notes. You are a great teacher and a gracious host!

I will definitely spread the word around to bring my colleagues and friends who wish to learn about the art and science of perfume making.

Yours Truly, Irene

Feb 21, 2015

Thank you for a truly extraordinary event!!!!

David Zyla, Chair: Fashion Committee, National Arts Club, NY

Feb 21, 2015

Thank you for an amazing lecture at the National Arts club.  It great to know you
Michelle M.

Feb 24, 2015

Hi Sue,

My name is Mani . It was wonderful to meet you last Friday after your presentation at the National Arts Club (I was wearing a black, leather and tulle headpiece). I found your talk very interesting and informative, beautifully spoken and well structured, things we hold very important for our business in fashion.

All the best, Mani De O

Feb 21, 2015


This is Timur, a visual artist from last night’s event. Your presentation was such an enjoyable and learning experience. In addition, it was truly wonderful to meet you afterwards!

I mentioned this very briefly, but I would be delighted to photograph your portrait. I’d like this portrait to be not just a headshot, but rather tell a story visually, of the craft that you are so good at.

Wishing you a pleasant rest of the weekend!

Sincerely, Timur (Tim for short) – Tim Y

March 2, 2015

Dear Sue,

Again, thank you for the wonderful time and experience. We already spread the word around and a few people noticed the “Fumer de Rose – Smoke of my Rose” perfume

Yours truly, Irene C

Hi Sue,

The fragrance refill  was perfect.  Thank you so much!

Elayna T

Feb 24, 2015

Hi Sue,

It was great to meet you at the Arts Club on Friday. I enjoyed your talk on Fragrance and was happy to hear your mention “Grasse”.

I saw this article and it’s mention of scent and thought of you, particularly how important fragrance will be in the future, based on its power of positive association:

Have a great day.

Best, Chris C

Feb 23, 2015

Hi Sue! It was great seeing you as well, and had such a great time at the Scentarium :).

I will certainly stay in touch and let you know when I come through NY next my dear. Don’t be a stranger!

Hugs and warm vibes, Darrick M

Feb 16, 2015

So glad you met my friends…they RAVED about how wonderful you are and what a great time they had at your Fragrance party.


Just wanted to say thanks again for such a lovely experience. It was truly a treat and even better than I’d expected. I’ll be in touch soon when the gift guide goes live, . .” S. Russo, Writer, NYC

I LOVE my perfume….I just shared my experience with my 24 year old son…he thinks it’s a great idea! I came up with a name that fits my beautiful perfume aroma . . . D ‘ Elegance . . . means “Of Elegance” in French. I feel my aroma is so elegant and so was the whole experience last night so the name fits. I have my perfume on right now and it’s sooooo elegant! Love it Love it Love it . . . I’m already thinking about my next perfume name . . . a family name that all family members can appreciate and enjoy! Can’t wait for the next one . . . will definitely be planning one for about 12 – 15 of my girlfriends.” Joani Wafer, Founder & resident, Kids Korps USA.


It was delightful. Thank you Joanne. The experience was one of a kind!  Trisha S. McMahon, Editor-in-Chief, Sr. VP Communications & PR, MVP/NY


I had so much fun. The event was so fabulous, and I met such wonderful people there. I had such a great experience, and learned so much from you. You have such an array of knowledge, and such excellent stories. I absolutely love my new custom blended fragrance. It smells so beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it around with my friends. B. M., Connecticut


$85 is comparable to most of the 100ml bottles of perfume currently in the marketplace. However, I felt comfortable paying that amount for a 20ml bottle because it was custom. K.G., Assistant Buyer, Women’s Designer Fragrances, Macy’s East


I found the event to be fun as well as informative. It was so interesting to learn how fragrances are created. The beginning of the event was very telling because by answering a series of unrelated questions you could already tell what type of fragrance you would be drawn to. Then finding out about all the different types of top, middle, and bottom notes of a fragrance were fascinating. Fragrance is such a personal thing and the fact that each individual came out of the class having created their own fragrance was a fabulous thing. I truly enjoyed learning so much about a product that I have always loved. Thank you for a great experience. F.C., New York


THANK YOU for the opportunity to be a part of your presentation. I truly enjoyed myself and think you are on the brink of something really special. I have always believed that fragrance makes the world a better place because it is all about memories, emotions and passion and to aid people to release these aspects of their character is a testament to what we do as guardians of this magical substance. W.J., Fragrance Developer & Motivational Speaker


I had such fun last night! I know so little about the fragrance industry and am quite intimidated by the whole issue—but now I have a drop of information and so I can be more alert next time I go to the fragrance counter. You gave us so much information mixed in with fun, fun, fun. A.E., Israel


I have returned from the USA yesterday . . . The perfume workshop is among the most memorable highlights of my latest trip to the States, and I believe that some of my friends will be contacting you upon their visits to New York! I love my perfume (named Teuta, after Illyrian queen/pirate from the Adriatic sea), and my daughters commented that it’s very nice and – just exactly a “me” perfume! K.B., Slovenia


My class last Sunday was terrific. One married couple came, in their 30’s, (both corporate execs). They are both into fragrance and purchase in every country they visit. It was a great group. People are enthralled by the process and always rave when they are done. M.V., 40 notes Perfumery, Portland, Oregon


A close friend just raved my blend. After a hug he exclaimed “That is just the perfect scent…what is it?” I had to tell him it was “Me & Mine”, MY perfect scent! D.I., Westport, CN


The seminar was a wonderful new experience. Perfect in every way and I am delighting in wearing my own blended perfume. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and talent. I loved all your anecdotal stories you shared with us. Keep those in your presentation. It was wonderful. I for one am glad that when you hit NY, that someone told you they already had too many actresses and singers. Their loss is our gain. It was indeed, a pleasure. C.M., New York


It was a wonderful event. Glad it was well attended and that you raised a substantial sum of money for the cause. I met and spoke to a lot of really nice people there. And the fragrance part was delightful! B.B., New York


. . . and I went to the Kismet event last night and had a wonderful evening. Sue did a great presentation and I really enjoyed meeting the other women especially the hostess Tamsom. I love having the opportunity to bond with my daughter in an environment that she is so comfortable with. Thanks for the invitation. E.M., Bridgeport, CT


What a wonderful get together Thursday. I just LOVE my fragrance and enjoyed meeting so many new people — all who seemed to have had a brilliant time too. Your intimate fragrance stories, warm witted charm and passionate knowledge truly delivers the “magical journey” you promise. No wonder why you’re experiencing the continued press boom you are! W.P., CT


I enjoyed the workshop very much and meeting you. The story of your career was wonderful. Besides, having talent, working hard you are lucky too.
When I got home last night my son Alexander of nearly 8 years was awake lying in his bed and came rushing out to smell all the scented paper sticks. He started describing what he smelled and one of them he said reminded him of Abercrombie & Fitch (we both agree that the stores are too heavily scented though.) He said he would like the job as perfumer amongst his other considerations; guitarist/rock star, actor, fashion designer for Victoria Secret! LOL and now perfumer. The night was nostalgic; memories of my mother and other fragrances that we (my mother, my sister and I) wore throughout the our lives. When I was a student in London I also sported Jardin de Bagetelle. More and more scents came back to memory. It was indeed a Proust like experience and I felt transported to the continent. N.N., CT


I almost can’t express how wonderful the evening was for me. It truly was a dream come true to be with an expert and learn so much about fragrance. Your presentation was so rich and nuanced. I simply cannot get enough information about the scents, how they are blended to achieve fresh, flower, woody, fruity accords. Thank you for feeding my passion! It was perfect. You provided the best atmosphere for exploration, your beautiful studio, the art, music. I am sure many of my friends and neighbors would love to have the same experience. I will be spreading the word to all of my fellow fragrance lovers! Nina Leto Mayleas, NYC


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