Here are eight eye-opening perfume trends experts say to keep an eye on this year

by Courtney Leiva

20 ml Sue Phillips Black atomizer with gold sachet

20 ml Sue Phillips Black atomizer with gold sachet

Sparkling citruses are popular notes this season Although citrus is practically a spring fragrance mainstay, Scenterprises CEO Sue Phillips says that citruses will get brighter and more sparkling this year, as uplifting notes of lemon, lime, bergamot, neroli (the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree) and grapefruit are gaining traction. Citrus blends with earthy notes (think grass or moss) are also buzzworthy this spring, as Phillips says it helps gives a fragrance a sexy and unique finish. “There is nothing that reflects the scent of spring more than the invigorating, fresh, sprightly wake-up, sporty, crisp, natural, newly mown fresh-cut grass and the lovely scent of spring blossoms, after rain,” she says.

To give your citruses a major twist this spring, try indulging in Sue Phillips Sparkling Citrus Perfume, $75-$125, as it delivers a vibrant spin on the usual go-to fragrances of springtime.


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