Today, most designers and celebrities have their own namesake fragrance. So why shouldn’t you?
PERSONALIZATION is the newest trend and you might be interested in reflecting YOUR individuality with a Custom Scent.

Book our Custom Scent Experiences at the Scentarium™ or have our Scenterprises’ DIY Perfume Bar at your next event.

There is no better way to express your unique taste and individuality than with your very own custom perfume crafted from the world’s finest perfume blends. It’s an experience that will last a lifetime!

Your perfume will be made using exquisite perfumes.

During a Custom Scent Experiences with the guiding hand of Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips, you will learn to understand how to influence your moods, your confidence and your sensuality with the beautiful perfumes exclusive to Scenterprises™  and actually create your very own bespoke scent. Creating your own scent can be an emotional and evocative experience – a wonderful gift to celebrate any special occasion.

There are several formats available, depending on whether you would like to have a one to one consultation with Sue, or attend as a group. Details below:

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Sue offers a whole range of Scent Events for any occasion. Further details can be found on our Scent Eventpage.

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