Scenterprises specializes in customized fragrance experiences. By “scent-branding” various properties such as hotels, casinos, spas, resorts, retail stores, and events it is possible to not only enhance the environment, but also to create an impactful ambient scent experience. Environmental scents are the key to future branding.
Advertising Age has identified environmental scent branding as one of the top ten trends of this decade.


Read an article by Sue Phillips about Environmental Scents.

There have been myriad research studies which demonstrate the effects of scent and how it affects the emotions. Signature environmental fragrances have been proven to help to brand spaces, increase spending, increase customer loyalty and encourage guests to linger longer as well as make return visits.
By tapping into memories and emotions, and triggering certain psychological responses, environmental scenting can help to improve the customer or guest experience greatly.
Scenterprises is proud to work in concert with the largest suppliers of scent diffusion technology in the world; we are partners with companies that specialize in ‘scent-branding’ for small, medium and large spaces. By examining every aspect of sensory branding, including textures, colors, architecture, sound and light; we create an experience which allows the guest to connect more deeply with the brand or the event.


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